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Tire & Wheel Protection

Did you know that tire blowouts are the #1 dispatched roadside event? Through the course of your travels you will likely come in contact with various road debris such as metal, nails, screws, potholes, glass and other debris. These road hazards can ruin your tires and ultimately your travel plans.

Hazard Protect is an extension of your roadside assistance plan and picks up where roadside leaves off.  You can protect your peace of mind and your travel budget with Hazard Protect.

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Key Features

With these unrivaled benefits, you'll be rollin' on to your next destination in no time!
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RV Tire Replacement

2 Replacements Per Year - Auto or RV. Includes the cost of tires, mounting, balancing, valve stems, sales tax & customary labor charges.

Auto Coverage

Auto Coverage

2 Tire Replacements Per Year - Auto or RV. Includes the cost of tires, mounting, balancing, valve stems, sales tax & customary labor charges.

Wheel Damage Repair

Wheel Damage Repair

Did road hazards cause damage to your wheels? We'll cover up to $300 on every repair event you have with a generous $600 annual cap!

In-Campground Service

Other companies see campgrounds as non-emergency situations. With Coach-Net, we'll change/repair your tires even if you're safe in a campground.

Tire Repair

Tire Repair/Change Service

There are many road hazards out there that can burst your bubble. We'll send someone to repair it every time! Unlimited tire changes at your fingertips.

Sign & Drive Service

No out of pocket expenses and no receipts needed! We are not a reimbursement program. We're here to get you back on the road as fast as possible!

What Makes Hazard Protect Different?

Unlike other RV Tire Programs, when you get a flat, we will repair OR REPLACE your tires with no deductible! This includes tires, mounting, valve systems, balancing, sales tax, and labor charges. We take care of everything.
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    Sign & Drive Service

    No reimbursements or receipts necessary!

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    RV- Certified Technicians

    While other programs only offer auto-certified techs, Coach-Net provides access to RVIA & RVDA certified technicians 24/7. We only offer the best when it comes to your RV.

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    Tow Vehicle Coverage

    Other companies will only cover your tow vehicle if it’s attached to your RV. With Coach-Net, your tow vehicle is covered even if it is not attached to your RV.

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    Tire Repair Service

    It doesn't matter how many times road hazards burst your bubble, we'll send someone to repair it in no time! Truly unlimited.

Did You Know?

We will help you find a Hazard Protect plan that suits your needs.

This is a brief summary of benefits. Certain restrictions may apply. Please refer to the actual warranty for specific details.

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