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RV Tire & Wheel Protection
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Tire & Wheel Protection

Through the course of your travels you will likely come in contact with various road debris such as metal, nails, screws, potholes, glass and other debris. These road hazards can ruin your tires and ultimately your travel plans.

Hazard Protect is an extension of your roadside assistance plan and picks up where roadside leaves off.  You can protect your peace of mind and your travel budget with Hazard Protect.

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Program Benefits

Hazard Protect tire and wheel coverage is available on new and used* RVs with terms available from 1-7 years with no deductible.

We will help you find a Hazard Protect plan that suits your needs.

* Coverage is available on most RV units current year model plus 14 years.
This is a brief summary of benefits. Certain restrictions may apply. Please refer to the actual warranty for specific details.

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